Strengthening Validity


Enhancing Data Quality, Relevance, and Use through Community-Based Participatory Research

The past two decades have witnessed growing calls for research conducted with—rather than on—communities. This chapter looks at how community-based participatory research (CBPR), which uses a community-centered approach to data gathering and translation, can significantly improve the “relevance, rigor and reach” of data-driven practices.


Using Data to Understand Residential Mobility and Neighborhood Change

Residential mobility shapes both the experiences of individuals and the characteristics of neighborhoods. Community organizations with access to a variety of measures that can shed light on residential mobility processes will be best positioned to make strategic decisions about their work with people and places and accurately evaluate the effect of their efforts.


In Brief: Putting Data into Action for Regional Equity in California’s San Joaquin Valley

This case study,based on the work of the UC Davis Center for Regional Change, illustrates how diverse parties can work together to promote sustainable regional planning that guarantees healthy, prosperous and equitable outcomes.


Shared Measurement: Advancing Evaluation of Community Development Outcomes

This essay explores the benefits and challenges of using shared measures in community development.


New Ways of Using Data in Federal Place-Based Initiatives: Opportunities to Create a Results Framework and Raise the Visibility of Equity Issues

Several of the Obama administration’s place-based programs have aspired to increase local capacity for collecting and interpreting data, though in very different circumstances and with different objectives. In this essay, we explore the experiences of two of these initiatives—Promise Neighborhoods and the Fair Housing Equity Assessment—and draw some early lessons about effective practices.


Everything Old is New Again: Building Nonprofit Capacity in the Age of Big Data

Can local organizations make their neighborhoods stronger and healthier? If they can, how do they […]


In Brief: Enabling and Driving Performance Management in Local Government

This article looks at the role of International City/County Management Association in the history of performance management in local government.